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Of Banbury Stories And Pitching the Gammon

October 13, 2010
Here is a blog that I posted on my WLS in October 2008…
As some of you know, I can be as blue as megrim one minute, and in high rope the next, so it’s just as well
that you can’t see me looking Friday-faced!  We’re at a bit of a low ebb at the minute, at a bit of a standstill…but not ready to swallow the spider just yet, d’ye know what I mean…my pockets are to let…!  It’s not because we were drawing the bustle or outrunning the constable, or anything like that…no, and I don’t particularly like to run on tick, neither…you know how it is…the cost of everything…prices going up…leaves us dished, y’ken…!
Now, I’m not trying to cut a sham…nor tell you no Banbury stories…but the truth of the matter is it’s enough to make anyone fly up into the boughs…!  I know that some of yous think I’m dicked in the nob…that I’m a trifle touched in the upper works…and that’s as maybe…but I ‘ll tell you this for nowt…I’m no bird-witted clunch!  See, me…I’m a downy one, so don’t try cutting me a wheedle…OK…?!!
I’m looking forward to a trip to the boozing-ken, on Friday, but these days I don’t like to get bosky…there’s nothing worse than dipping too deep, then casting up yer accounts…nah…my days of going on a spree are over…I prefer to just get a bit half-sprung and have a good time…cheers!
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  1. October 13, 2010 11:35 pm

    I must apologise for the text colour, as the background in my WLS blog was purple, so I used a lot of lighter colours.

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