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Pride & Prejudice (Kiera Knightly)

October 14, 2010
This blog was originally posted 2 December 2008.
Watching this version of Pride and Prejudice is boring me to tears…!! Keira Knightly is the only thing that sparkles, and I am finding it extremely dull and rough-hewn…so much so that it’s giving me splinters!!
I’m afraid that the disparity in the costumes jars!!  There are some really awful costumes (Miss Bingley!)….but at the same time, there are some lovely costumes.  It’s almost as if they couldn’t get enough costumes for the extras, so they’ve raked out the leftovers from Tom Jones or Moll Flanders or some other eighteenth century costume drama.
It would be foolish to expect everyone to be wearing the latest fashions, but the circles that the
Bennets and the other families of the local gentry moved in, fashion did play a fairly important role.  Also, then as now, older people kept to the fashions that they were comfortable with…but not to the degree depicted here.
So, do I like it?  Stupid question, really!!  (If I did, I wouldn’t be sitting here, now, would I!!) Sarcastic
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  1. October 14, 2010 9:56 pm

    Gimme the Colin Firth version any day!!

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