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Promenade Dress Update

October 20, 2010
24/06/2009 13:00:07

OK, I’m going bore you now with a Promenade Dress Update.  Having made the bodice, added a drawstring, tried it on with Robert’s help, to check how much is to be gathered into the waistband, I have now moved on to the skirt.

The disappointment here was that I didn’t have as much fabric as  I thought I       did,   so the skirt looks as though it’s going to end up being a tube gathered into the back…not what I wanted to achieve.  I thought that angling the seams a bit would give me more ‘flare’, but not enough.  (NOTE:  perspective makes this look more angled than it actually is!)

As I need to make a placket opening in the centre back, I wondered if I made an actual seam and sloped that,
too, it would look better….I won’t have so much to gather into the waistband, but it will add to the ‘flare’.

Then I saw the pieces that I had cut from the sides…hmmmm, I thought…if I sew them together and add them to the centre-back seam, that will be another eight inches or so to add to the hem width.  So that is what I am doing.  I just hope it works…!!

When I made this dress, I was quite pleased with the outcome of my endeavours, which wasn’t bad considering the lack of a pattern.  I did notice, though, that the shirt didn’t hang quite right, so this year saw me unpick the waistband and pull it up a bit at the back.

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