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More On Costumes

October 23, 2010
19/08/2009 15:05:51

It is four weeks, this coming Saturday, until the Jane Austen Festivals

Elegant Ladies in Bath

( Grand Regency Promenade wends its merry way through the beautiful Georgian streets of Bath, and I am beginning to panic a little as I struggle to get the skirt of my promenade dress to hang correctly. I may need to ask for assistance!

At the moment, I am attempting to create a spencer, using the calico toile I made a few years ago
(before I put on weight), in fresh calico with a little extra seam allowance. It’s easier to take in where necessary than it is to have to sew in extra fabric if it’s been made too small…and less messy!

Of course, the dress will have to be finished before I can make up the spencer properly, for obvious reasons, so I really do have to get it finished ASAP!

(On the subject of costumes in general, be they historical, Middle Eastern dance costumes, faery costumes, etc., I have started a group on Friends Reunited for anyone who loves costumes and costuming, though there are only two members at present, so if anyone else wants to join us…feel free…just click on Groups, Arts, Crafts and whatever…oh, you’ll find it! )

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