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Progress Report

October 23, 2010
13/09/2009 13:22:49

Less than a week to go…and I am so excited…and I’m getting just a little bit stressed.

So, come Saturday morning, will I be all happy smiles or will I be stressed an grimacing….you will have to wait and see…!!

Anyway, here is a progress report:

PLAN A…was to make the dress, minus sleeves, to be worn with a cream satin spencer.

PLAN B…in the event that said spencer does not turn out right, add sleeves to dress and wear with shawl instead.

Having got the collar on to the spencer (short jacket), I have been attempting to add the lining…and I’m


beginning to wish I had chosen a more sensible fabric!  Satin is so slippery, that it is difficult to keep straight, and I have had to re-do one sewing line already.  And, looking at the photo, one of the bust darts is not straight, so am ‘undoing it and doing it again’!

Anyway, I am currently wondering if I should top-stitch the seams before stitching the lining in…it might look better, actually….so I will.  Then I will add the sleeves.  I still haven’t made up my mind about the peplum, but I am adding a ‘belt’ with a square brooch to look like a decorative buckle.
In the event that I am totally dissatisfied with the whole effect, I will go with Plan B,

Watch This Space…as they say…or wait until Saturday!

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