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Putting On The Style

October 25, 2010
03/10/2009 18:37:04

I did say that I would write another blog with a list of my favourite websites to do with all things Regency and costume…so here it is…!

This year’s Jane Austen Festival was absolutely brilliant for several reasons…not least because I’d finally got there in costume, but also because we met up with Eileen, Natalia and Rachel…so here are some more photos of the events:

Anyway, I have had a lot of fun learning more about the fashions and manners of the Age of Elegance, from books, magazines, and websites over the years, so when I found out about the Promenade I immediately started poring over my books,searched the library and checking out all the websites I could find.

The first one that I recommend is The Jane Austen Centre’s website at which has a link to the Jane Austen Festival, as well as the online gift shop where costume, patterns and accessories are available. There is also an online magazine which has articles about all things Austen, history, biography…and fashion.

For those who decide to buy their dress patterns from here, the website to go to is… then click on Sewing Tips for a photographic step-by-step guide.

Now for some excellent research websites for more history, fashions andbiographies, etc….

And for the well-dressed gentlemen among you, may I recommend…

(Please make sure your sound is turned off, though, as the little tune can get on your nerves after a little while!)

That should keep you busy for a while (or not!), as most of these websites have their own list of Links that could lead you to…who knows where…!

Have fun…!!
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  1. October 25, 2010 12:47 pm

    reddit X

  2. October 25, 2010 1:05 pm

    Last year’s WLS blog entries are being selected just for this blog, specifically for all things Regency/Napoleonic/Empire related…but I haven’t many more left to post on here, then I will do a couple of ‘updates’ for this year…then it will be new blog entries.

    Which reminds me that I should write something for the main blog, as I haven’t touched that for a couple of weeks. And I really must find a theme that I like!

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