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September In Bath

October 25, 2010
25/09/2009 19:46:04

August 2006…I was browsing through to see what new stores had been added, when I came across a magazine supplier. Out of curiosity (see, Anne, you’re not the only one!) I decided to have a look through the hundreds of magazines on offer when I came upon Jane Austen’s Regency World. Without thinking twice, I subscribed!

Shortly afterwards, my first magazine popped through the letterbox. Excitedly, I tore off the wrapper and sat down to read. I read it from cover-to-cover and
decided I wanted more, so online I went and ordered a bunch of back-numbers from the Jane Austen Centre’s own website, and these arrived

in a matter of days

It was from this first magazine that I discovered that there was an annual Jane Austen Festival, held every September in Bath. Really?! I’d always wanted to visit Bath, now I had a good reason to! It turned out that there was a Grand Regency Promenade on the first Saturday of the festival…and people travelled from far and wide to attend in costume…I was fairly bouncing off the walls at this discovery. I needed a costume!!

September 2007…Robert and I went to Trowbridge for the weekend, stopping with his mum, Vi. The three of us caught the train to Bath, and followed the promenaders as they wended their merry way around this truly beautiful city. We had a lovely time. The atmosphere was great, and I became even more determined to be there in costume,
myself. Robert commented that I could also ‘knock him up a costume’!

We didn’t go last year, for some reason…not because I hadn’t made any costumes (I was actually in the early stages of reducing calico to a bagful of scraps in my quest for a Regency frock!) As for Robert’s costume, I spent hours online researching men’s Regency fashions, looked for any books that might help (there isn’t much available!) and generally scratched my head a lot!

September 2009…Bath here we come!! Actually, I only just managed to get my costume finished, but only got as far as almost completing the shirt for Robert. Sorry.

The previous blog covers the Grand Regency Promenade and our meeting up with three lovely, lovely ladies…Eileen, Natalia, and Rachel (who was also in costume.)

September 2010…Bath here we come!!! I am well and truly hooked! Nothing will keep me away! Robert WILL be in costume next year…and I am hoping that more friends will join
us…hopefully in costume, too…!

This blog was going to be about costume, with handy hints and tips, etc., but that will now have to be…the next instalment…(Cue dramatic music…!)

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