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It’s Costume Time Again!

October 27, 2010
22/04/2010 21:48:45
As many of you know, I am a huge fan of anything Regency…Jane Austen, costume and fashion, history, people, places, etc., as well as the costume dramas and films depicting that era
such as Sharpe and Hornblower.
In September last year, we went to Bath for the Jane Austen Festival’s Grand Regency

Rachel, Natalia, and myself in Roayl Crescent

Promenade and Guinness World Record attempt at largest number of people in Regency costume (in the same place…at the same time!) and to meet up with some special friends. This has already been covered in previous blogs, up to and after September 2009.

This year, I am going to attempt to make a costume for Robert, as well as do some tweaking on mine, and have almost finished his shirt. It’s not brilliant, but not bad for a first attempt without the use of a pattern or instructions…and when it is finished, as promised, I will post a photo of Robert wearing it!!
The waistcoat should not pose too many problems (says me!), as I can use his waistcoat as a pattern…and add a collar.
The coat is going to be more problematic, as I have not as yet found any suitable fabric to make it
from…Boyes and the market are all we have in Lincoln now, and the quality from either is not the best. First, I will make it up in calico so that I can get the gist of it and do any alterations that will be needed…the pieces are all cut out and ready, but I won’t make an actual start until shirt and waistcoat are finished, as he will have to be trying it on over these.
As for my costume, I hope I can make the necessary alterations to the short stays pattern, so that it will fit me properly, and comfortably…and if I have time I will attempt to make a petticoat, too.
Then the dress will need tweaking…I have realized that I made the bodice back too long, so will attempt to undo it from the waistband and hitch it up a bit higher, then hopefully the skirt will hang better. I also want to add some decoration to the hem, possibly piped cream satin appliqués and ribbon. The spencer is being re-modelled, and I have already taken the peplum and waist-band off, as I want to do a plain, piped waistband….new piped cuffs, and maybe the lace around the front and collar, which I had planned to do last year…with piping?
Maybe I will forget about the spencer, hem the arm-holes and just wear my cream silk blouse with it…or add the sleeves that I never got around to adding last year…?  Then there will
be the bonnet and reticule to go with them…!
As you can see, it’s all still at the ideas and planning stage, but as I always say…Watch This
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  1. October 27, 2010 2:11 pm

    I did try to post a video of last year’s promenade, but haven’t worked out how to do it yet…can anyone advise me, please?

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