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Burghley House Battle Prom

October 28, 2010
25/07/2010 21:11:27
Two weeks ago, I had a wonderful day out…first to Stamford, then a short walk to Burghley House for the Battle Prom later in the afternoon.
It would have been impossible for me to go, as the tickets were £30, which I couldn’t afford…but a couple of FB friends are re-enactors, and were taking part, so they had free
tickets which they offered to me.  All I had to do was arrange my own transport.  Getting there was no problem, but trying to find transport for the retun journey was nigh on impossible, as all buses and trains seemed to finish about ten o’clock!
I nearly declined the offer, but Robert said that he would drive down to pick me up after he’d
finished work at the restraunt…which he did (bless him! Red heart)
Costume was optional, so I took mine to change into when I got there.  Gavin said I could use their tent, and that he would stand guard.  (He didn’t need to, as there was no-one
around…I think he just wanted to be chivalrous…!  Wink )  Sarah, her mother and stepfather were riding in the cavalry demonstrations later on…Gavin couldn’t, as he’d broken his arm earlier in the week…so he did the commentary instead.




At 7pm on the dot, Carolyn Grace flew in and did a display while the orchestra played the Spitfire Prelude…stirring stuff!!  The evening included 1812 Overture with accompanying rifles, muskets of the 95th Rifles and 44th East Essex living history groups, and row upon row of cannons…awesome!!  Later in the evening, as it got dark, the penultimate piece was Beethoven’s Battle Symphony…with rifles, muskets, even more cannons and fireworks!  It was absolutely brilliant!!  And in true prom-style, they finished with Land of Hope & Glory.
I had a wonderful day…thank you Gavin and Sarah…XXX
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  1. October 28, 2010 9:52 pm

    The photos aren’t brilliant, as I used the camera on the phone.

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