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The Grand Regency Promenade 2010

November 3, 2010
We were running a bit late…would we make it in time???   The morning’s frantic sewing and ironing to get our costumes ready gave way to impatience to be there, and join the other promenaders in wending their merry way through the beautiful streets of Georgian Bath.
We had planned to meet friends outside the Pump Room at ten-thirty, but things hadn’t worked out, so we were dropped off in Orange Grove near the Abbey, and as we made our way to the Abbey Courtyard, saw others who were also a bit late making their way to join the column of promenaders.  They had already left, and we could see the parasols passing through the collonade as they headed up Stall Street, having done their lap of the Hot Baths and the beautiful collonaded Bath Street.  There was a gap, so we stepped in and joined the column.
Last year, we detoured up to the Assembley Rooms for the Guiness World Record attempt at largest gathering of people in Regency costume in one place…and we did it!  The number counted was 409, but there were many more people in costume who didn’t make it inside for the count.  Some had dogs with them, others were not deemed to have the correct costume requirements, and others just didn’t want to for one reason or other.
This year we took the normal route up Milsom Street, High Pavement and Gay Street up to the Circus, where I expected the usual stop for Steps In Time to do a few dances before heading along Brock Street to the Royal Crescent…but they didn’t.
As usual, the Crescent looked awesome filled with costumed promenaders, and this is

Myself and Rhiannon in Royal Crescent

where Steps In Time danced.  Surely, the cobbles could have been the cause of twisted ankles, as they were not the best surface for dancing on!!

One thing that saddened me was not seeing Rachel, Natalia and Eileen…last year’s promenade was very special because of them.  This year, though, we met with Rhiannon and her party, and Adrian and Lisa who we’d taken photos of last year, and since met at Newstead Abbey in May.

Sir Robert

After a while of mingling and chatting, it was time to re-form the column and head down the Gravel Walk, and past Queen Square, where the country fair was held last year.
This is where the column began to break up, as people began heading off in different directions, before making for the Guildhall, where the fair was being held this year.
We had caught up with Lisa and Adrian again, by this time, and arrived at the Guildhall together, only to find that only those with tickets were being admitted for lunch…so we went and enjoyed a cup of tea in the sunshine, near the Abbey.
Back at the Guildhall, we followed Adrian who had turned left at the top of the stairs, through some double doors into a room less crowded…and so avoiding the two pounds admission charge, as we later discovered!
It must have been some natural instinct that drew him in that direction, for here was discovered…cake!  
So, although we arrived late, we still had a wonderful day.  The weather was beautiful, as it always is for the promenade.   Robert’s mum and sister arrived with the cool box containing the packed lunch he’d prepared, we found that we didn’t really feel that hungry, so after a nibble, Karen took it back to the car.  Besides, we were having curry later!!
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  1. November 4, 2010 12:32 pm

    In the next instalment I shall reveal some…er…’secrets’…lol!

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