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Fashion in the Time of Jane Austen

May 19, 2011

Fashion in the Time of Jane Austen by Sarah Jane Downing  (ISBN 978-0-74780-767-4)

This little Shire book is packed with information, photographs, and fashion plates of every aspect of the Fashions of the time, but as it is only a small book it does not cover the subject in detail.

It is an excellent guide to the years that came to be known as ‘the Age of Elegance’, and the chapters cover this, as well as the rise of English fashion, Beau Brummel and mens fashions, accessories, and what came after the Age of Elegance, as well as giving us explainations of Full Dress, Undress, and what would be worn for different occasions such as walking, visiting, opera and balls, etc.


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  1. September 29, 2011 3:39 pm

    I’ve got that book….I like the portrait on the front. The young lady appears to be as short as me…and from the look of the blond chap on the right he must be a relative chaperoning the dark haired chap….who seems to be distracted by something. lol!

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