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Newstead Abbey Napoleonic Re-enactment Weekend

May 29, 2011

On 2nd May, Robert and I went to Newstead Abbey, in Nottinghamshire, for the Napoleonic Association’s living-history event.  The weather was lovely, which made a change, as Bank Holidays are notorious for their bad weather…like last year!!

We arrived fairly early, only to find the place already swarming with visitors, whereas last year all was fairly peaceful until nearly lunch-time.  Oh well, photographs would have to be taken as and when visitors moved out of shot…

The British Encampment

An officer and his lady

Almost as soon as we arrived at the British encampment I heard someone call my name.  It was one of my many re-enacting Facebook friends, Margaret Newman…

Margaret Newman meets Random Woman

It is always lovely to meet online friends in person, and this event was no exception!  We continued our wander around the camps…

Daily life...and woodsmoke

Always time for a tea-break!

Taking the guns for a walk...

Newstead Abbey

I met some lovely riflemen…

Random Woman and the Riflemen

Adrian and Lisa were there with 12th (Prince of Wales) Light Dragoon this year…

I felt tempted to play noughts and crosses! 😉

Lisa with the horses

Adrian with Queenie


Then onto the French camp…

Information boards

Can you spot the Random Woman?

Too much wine??

…where we met Laura…

Random Woman meets Laura Short


Random Woman meets Romain Paillot

…and Michael Smith , but he disappeared before Robert could get a photo of him!  We listened to a bit of history and story-telling…

A history lesson

…then headed back to the British camp…then back to the car for a spot of lunch.


In Part 2 I will cover the battle and the rest of the afternoon, including meeting with more friends.


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