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Looking For Inspiration

July 16, 2011

Whilst sorting out my sunbonnets to sell on Etsy, I kept ignoring a green carrier bag of previously started bonnets, but this time I emptied it out and had a look to see what I had.

British Made...bonnets!


Two North Yorkshire bonnets, a soft, un-corded bonnet that was awaiting construction (as all the component parts had be made already), a red piece of fabric that had the brim corded…

What have we got here...?

…and a coffee-coloured striped bonnet that was piped and tucked, but not in any sunbonnet style…

Now what can I do with this??

What could I do with this?  I put it to one side and put the other unfinished bonnets back in the bag. 

A little while later I had an idea…an Empire/Regency confection in coffee and cream, decorated with a bit of ribbon and lace, (so next time I go into town, I will look for some suitable fabric to go with this). 

Now all I need is the inspiration, so I will have to peruse some of the many fashion plates to see what details I can pinch…

Costumes Parisiens 1812

Costumes Parisiens 1812

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