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Promenade Plan of Action

August 10, 2011

OK, so there is now less than six weeks to go (five and a half weeks to be precise!) until the Jane Austen Festival’s Regency Promenade, in Bath.  My plan of action was decided on, but has since had to change.

First of all I decided to concentrate on my spencer and bonnet, then make a new dress, and even a new reticule, but the best laid plans and all that…!  

First Robert said that he would not be able to join me in the Promenade, as he could not get the time off from work.  Then he told me that we would probably be able to go down together, so I cast aside my plans and started work on his fall-front trousers.  I am making a mock-up (toile) in calico first, to iron out any little problems that may arise, and to get a perfect fit.  Then when I make them in the fabric that I have bought I will know what I am doing and won’t take too long over them. 

Now it’s back to probably won’t be able to join me, but will come down in costume straight after work, if the trousers are finished.  

Anyway, at least I will have a new bonnet to wear!  I finished it last night, then decided that the ribbons are too far back, so will have to take them off and re-position them.  But that won’t take long…thank goodness!

The (almost) finished bonnet

The spencer is also in progress, in calico.  I have a pile of sleeves that were made previously, so will have to try them to see which ones fit…all good fun!  The only bit that is really going to take some working out is the collar and front, as I will be adding piping.  Hope this does not take too long!!

A new reticule will also be needed, and I am thinking of basing it on this one…

Reticule c1810

Once these projects are out of the way…then I will begin work on the dress!  Otherwise I will have to wear the old maroon stripe yet again!!

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  1. August 10, 2011 12:08 pm

    Keep up the good work. Looking good so far.

  2. August 10, 2011 1:31 pm

    Thank you. I really must get more disciplined in my work, as I am afraid that I am easily distracted. I’d get more done if I would only concentrate on what I’m doing!! My teachers were right, you know! 😉

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