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Kannick’s Korner Man’s Fall-Front Trousers 1790-1810

August 19, 2011

Fall-front trousers pattern

The thing that has impressed me about this package is the detailed instruction booklet that gives you, not only detailed instructions and diagrams, but history, explainations, fabrics, and colours that would have been worn. 

Once or twice I have had to put this project aside and do something else because I couldn’t make sense of the instructions, (but I get like that sometimes with written instructions) and find that when I go back to it I can move on without any problems…until I have another ‘brain-freeze’!  :-S 

But it is to be expected with a pattern that involves a lot of fiddly pieces such as fall-bearers, fall-linings, pockets, waistbands, watch-pockets, etc…

Showing the fiddly bits

…which is why I always make the mock-up in calico first.  Any problems, mistakes, or alterations can be marked and drawn onto the calico and altered to fit…you can even write the odd ‘note to self’ on it too!  Anyway, we will not be having a repeat of last year’s big cheat…

The big cheat!

What a palaver!  Frantically pinning and tacking Robert’s unfinished trousers onto his cut-off cargo pants right at the last minute!!  And having to do emergency re-pinning in Royal Crescent!!  No thank you!! 

Anyway, waistbands are on, fall lining in place, etc., Robert has tried them on and they seem to fit where they are supposed to, which I’m pleased about, so I will crack on and make the actual garment…

So far so good!

…and that is the subject of a future blog, so watch this space (as they say!)  😉

Still to come…the second instalment of Robert’s trousers, my spencer, and the finishing off of my new reticule…I will keep you posted. 

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  1. Patrick D Andrews permalink
    August 19, 2011 3:52 pm

    Proud to send anyone your blogging!

    • August 20, 2011 2:38 pm

      Thanks Patrick/Nancy…very kind of you to say so,

  2. August 21, 2011 5:54 pm

    I wish I had your talent for sewing! However, I do quilt and at times it can be much like sewing clothes I guess….placing the right piece in place to have everything come out right and bothering with replacing ones that don’t.
    I recently acquired a “new” (to me at least) sewing machine and cabinet for $10! (6.07 GBP) I have yet to plug it in and test it as I need to find a bobbin to fit it but I am getting anxious to try! Maybe this fall I will try my hand at sewing clothes again as the last time I did it was for Indian costumes for scouts.
    You Inspire me!

    • August 21, 2011 8:26 pm

      Sharon, don’t be put off, as by doing you are learning, and by learning you get better…after all practice makes perfect.

      As a child I wanted to learn to sew like my aunt, and was happy to find that needlework was on the timetable when I went up to secondary school. I was soon brought down to earth with a bump, as our teacher was never satisfied with our attempts, and any of my classmates remember “That’s not good enough! Undo it and do it again!”

      Basically, it put me off of needlework for years…until I got the job at the museum and discovered sunbonnets. The over the years needlework took a back seat until I discovered the Jane Austen Festival a few years ago, and my needlework juices began to flow again.

      So, what I am doing at the moment is learning, hence the use of calico for a mock-up before making the actual garment…something I learned from the fashion students at college.

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