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Jane Austen Festival Promenade 2011 – Part One

September 25, 2011

All sewing was more or less finished by Friday evening, so we could retire to bed without worrying about what hadn’t been done…which was certainly not the case last year! 

Saturday morning, and the weather wasn’t looking too promising with dark grey clouds and a stiff breeze.  I had bought my old cane-handled umbrella as an accessory, but it wasn’t useable, as one of the spokes was broken and hanging off!  Instead, I was able to borrow a sweet little umbrella that did the trick. 

This year we took the car, rather than getting a lift, so we ended up being the first to arrive…I just love the looks on people’s faces as we strolled up the street in costume.  These range from those who try not to look at us, or look straight through us, those that walk past grinning as if we are the idiots (maybe they are not far wrong!), total bewilderment as they try to work out why we would be walking around in strange costumes, and those who approach us wreathed in smiles asking if there is a festival or something going on. 

The Abbey Courtyard was crawling with tourists with cameras, so it was inevitable that they would ask if they could take photos of us, which was fun…hmmm, we should have got some photos of them!!  😉 

We took a stroll around the block (ie Roman Baths and Pump Room), and when we got back there was just one young lady waiting by the entrance to the Pump Room, so we went over and joined her.  More tourists took more photos.  😀

One-by-one more arrived, including Paul and Michelle Connell, Martin Salter (from the Jane Austen Centre), Ian and Kelly Charlesworth (whose Regency wedding was on promenade day two years ago), so there was a lot of bowing and curtseying taking place.

Robert, two ladies, and Paul Connell

Paul and Michelle Connell

Kelly and Ian Charlesworth, and little me.

Martin Salter from the Jane Austen Centre

The 32nd Cornwall Regiment were there, as they are every year…

32nd Cornwall Regiment and lone rifleman of the 2/95th Rifles

Tiny Castle...and titch!

Soon the place was buzzing with excitement, and an hour of talking to people and catching up with friends went in the blink of an eye…

Promenaders gathering outside the Pump Room

John White, the Festival’s Master of Ceremonies, announced that the Promenade would begin at 11am, so all those taking part were to form a column.  The 32nd and Steps in Time, and other Jane Austen Centre personnel took their places at the front, and everyone else fell in behind.

At 11am we began our perambulation around the beautiful city of Bath…

Promenading up Stall Street

Promenaders in Milsom Street

Turning into George Street

Turning into George Street

The Circus

Scott, Aurora, Jo, Robert, and Rhiannon in The Circus

More promenaders in The Circus

Around The Circus we went, where I saw a lovely lantern above a door and got Robert to pose…

"Welcome to my humble abode..."

It turned out that the house was where Gainsborough once lived!

The lantern of Gainsborough's house

Into Brock Street and along to the Royal Crescent, which gets more crowded with each year…I can’t think why!  😉

Royal Crescent!

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  1. November 29, 2011 2:48 pm

    So it isn’t a circuit back to the pump rooms. You get to the crescent and stop?

    (Just trying to work out what is best options – for out for the lunch thing or find a tea room or bring a picnic)

    I’m just thinking this is one off only doing it in 2012 so I might as well go for everything. Looks like we will just do the saturday and maybe something on the sunday *if* there’s something that appeals.

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