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Fashion Museum, Bath

January 18, 2012

OK, time to get blogging and do a little catching-up before we proceed with 2012, so…back to September…and Bath!


After the Promenade and lunch, we joined the crowds at the Guildhall, where I bought myself a spencer pattern.  We met up with Scott and Jo again, and went for a wander up to some shops they wanted to visit, and from there up to the Fashion Museum. 

When  Robert saw how much admittance was he declined as we didn’t have enough money, and we left them hunting through their purse and wallet for their National Trust cards which would allow them free admittance.

Outside the Assembly Rooms

Tuesday arrived, and we headed back to Bath for the picnic on the grass in front of Royal Crescent…


The weather wasn’t the warmest, or the brightest, but at least it didn’t rain…until later.  After a while we were joined by Aurora and her friend Justin…Aurora was also in her Regency costume. 

When we’d taken everything back to the cars, we headed back up the hill to the Fashion Museum.  I was so looking forward to seeing all those beautiful 18th century and Regency-era gowns again, but I was to be disappointed. 

Since our last visit, things had changed to accomodate the latest exhibition of bridal gowns, which had taken over the area where all the eighteenth century gowns had previously been displayed. 

A couple of lovely gowns

These gowns were all beautiful, but they weren’t displayed in chronological order…just displayed all together.

More beautiful gowns

The beautiful seventeenth century silver tissue gown was now sans pretty mannequin with lace collar and accessories…

17th c gown

But we did get to play…


Then on to the costume displays that I had come to see, starting with some early accessories…


Disappointment was just around the corner…All the previously well displayed gowns and accessories had been crammed into glass-fronted alcoves and called ‘Behind the Scenes’.  Some were so dimly lit that it was impossible to see any of the beautiful embroidery or detailing on them!  😦

Poorly displayed gowns

Hem details

A very pretty gown




We even sat down and did some drawing…

Doodle time

Back upstairs, we decided to have a quick wander around the Assembly Rooms… 


We left the Assembly Rooms, to find that it was raining…and you will also find that the rest of the day is covered in another post…:-)

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  1. January 18, 2012 1:55 pm

    Lets hope the weather is good for the Horncastle Regency Festival in Horncastle —I have just had a lovely pastry from Myers in Horncastle .We have decided to organise a trip to Belton House on Sunday 27th May at the end of our Festival weekend which includes a promenade ,ball with Harmonies of Time performing they are a Regency Dance Ensemble ….Belton House is the fictional home of Lady Caroilne de Burgh in Pride and Prejudice .

    • January 18, 2012 3:33 pm

      Oh yes, nice weather will make it a wonderful weekend…fingers crossed!

      Have you published ticket prices yet?

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